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Whether you like it or not, at some point, everyone needs a place to live or call home. It might be a tiny bungalow, a small studio flat or a massive mansion depending on your point of view.

In modern times it has become easier to buy or own a property and property owners are getting even younger as each day goes by. Anyone living in the western part of the world can easily testify to this fact and indeed if you ask a good proportion of them you will discover that in order to get a mortgage for instance, you need to have some sort of credibility and indeed funds to get your feet on the property ladder. Now, I am not here to provide you with the breakdown of getting a mortgage or what not, but am here to simply assist you in destroying the myth that has been around for decades. The myth in the shape of property is only for the well to do and them only.

Before I go deeper into the crux of the matter, let me let you into a little secret. I will reveal to you how I came about this fact. As an Aircraft Technician working at Heathrow Airport,

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I would spend a great deal of my leisure time watching planes arrive and depart the terminal daily. This I must admit has always fascinated me. On one sunny Monday afternoon in June a few years back, I watched as a tug took its place towards the nose wheel of a British Airways Airbus, A380 bound for Los Angeles. With precision, the two experienced Aircraft Movement Operatives alighted from the tug and advanced towards the belly of the giant 575 tonne Airbus. After a couple of minutes following their walk around, and the completion of the logistics of loading the plane, they were given the all clear to attach the tug to the plane before push back took place.

As I watched with renewed interest, I saw all three jetty’s move back one after the other, meaning all passengers had successfully boarded. The push back tug then moved into place and attached itself to the nose wheel of the plane. A few moments later the plane’s anti collision’s lights illuminated and the plane was gently eased back onto the runway to commence taxing.

Just before the push back tug detached itself from the plane four of the plane’s Rolls Royce powered engines roared to life. It was at this point that my mind drifted away for some strange reason to property.  Don’t ask me why! Might be because of the enormity of the airbus conveying over 400 passengers or perhaps the massive noise of the plane’s engines, I do not know. All I know is that I was now into the world of property.

I had been living in a council flat for 23 years before I bought my first property and even that was a struggle before it crossed the line. Why, because right from a very young age I had been made to believe that unless you were a well to do person with a huge bank balance or an individual with a spotless credit history also with lots of funds, then you cannot even think of buying or owning a property. It was as if someone broken the shackles off my hands and feet. Within a flash I began conducting research on how to buy a property.duplex 2

As it was, my council flat had an immediate equity of over £100,000 and this was pivotal in gaining me an immediate profit. Straight away I began to see things differently and I instantly put on the mantle of a home owner.

I am saying to you today that you can buy a property despite any limitations you think might exist preventing you to own one. To achieve this you will need to be mentally strong and have a desire to reach your goal. This is because if you are not, you will discover that you will give up easily. One of the main reasons people never achieve their goal is those they associate themselves with.
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Friends can be beneficial and at the same time detrimental to the decisions you make in life. I am not only talking about property now. If you find that you have a friend or friends that always seems to discourage you in anything you put through to them, I will advise that you disassociate yourself from them. Some of these friends do this unknowingly probably because of their upbringing and nature while some others quite simply do not want you to progress in life. It is a sad fact really when you consider the meaning of the word ‘friend.’

Can you believe that envy and jealousy are two major weapons so called friends possess and use against other people? It is a fact. There are some friends who would not want you to gain what they have gained, especially not while they are around. You have to be able to distinguish between negative and positive contributions, and not be drawn into the camouflaging web of friendship while you are engaged in important conversations with them.

Secondly, you have to conduct research concerning the issue, just as you have done now by landing on this page. Not everything in life is doom and gloom. There is a light at the end of every tunnel. It depends on the magnifying glass you have selected to dissect the pieces of information with.

Thirdly, find a solution to any issue you might have. Say for instance you have had or are currently having credit issues, don’t just sit back and hope the issue will go away because it most certainly will not. Get a copy of your credit file from any of the major credit bureaus in the Country where you reside. The main ones are Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. See what they hold on your file concerning you and, see if it corresponds to the credit you have taken out with your creditors. If it does not, seek advice by contacting your creditors to iron things out. You will be surprised the errors that exist on credit files and the number of people that quite simply cannot be bothered to go through the process of rectifying the issue.

The next stage would be to find a reliable broker to assist you in locating the best mortgage. Do not be tempted to use just any broker you come across no matter how convincing their profile may be. Shop around and make comparisons with others before making your final decision.


Brokers love to take a significant bite out of the cherry. In actual fact, the bigger the mortgage the more they get. The good news though is that most of them do not charge for services rendered until the entire process has been successfully completed. So you can breathe easy now.

Once you reach the mortgage stage, you will be wise to also search around for the best mortgage lender and offers you have at your disposal. Some brokers will present you with some options normally but don’t just go along with those that are offered to you. There is a reason for this. Some brokers are affiliates with some lenders and as such there might be various benefits around for both those parties, especially in the form of commissions etc. So make sure you are certain you are getting a great deal. Of course if you are someone with a not so perfect credit rating, you might not be as picky in whom you can get signed on to. SEMrush
Unfortunately, you might just have to settle for what is being offered to essentially get your foot on the property ladder. Of course, you can always switch later because you are not tied to just one lender.

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Posted 15/05/18

by K.Festus

Dear Friend,

The world we live in is one that is extremely unpredictable. One minute in the corner of the globe money is being lavished on posh cars, and stunning multi million pound houses, while in another corner of the globe some individuals cannot even get clean drinking water let alone a meal to get them through the day. Notwithstanding, its all to do with money.

Now before I proceed let me ask you this question. What would you do if by some miracle you are presented with millions of pounds in cash? Pause and think of it for a moment. Just what would you do?

I posed the question because I discovered that the gap between the rich and the poor seemingly continues to grow every second.  Now consider this scenario, a rich man with £10 million pounds sitting in a bank account and a poor man with just under £850 in his bank account. The rich man decides to take his yacht on a 3 week cruise to say.. the Bahamas and the poor man has to stay put where he is for the same amount of time. I believe it is fair to say that by the time rich man returns from his trip his bank account balance would have experienced a significant upward shift following the interest received from funds in his bank account. The same cannot be said of the poor man who would even find his bank balance decreasing. This is just one reason why the gap between the rich and the poor widens daily.

I was stuck in traffic on London Bridge around 6.45am sometime ago and I observed from the window of the bus I was travelling in, hundreds of individuals plying the route both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The vast amount of these were males and they were clad in smart suits and ties and virtually all of them seemed to be in a haste to get to their various destinations which I presumed was their place of work.
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As I watched on I pondered in my heart, its all about making ends meet, its all about reeling in those precious colourful, expensive notes that can no doubt change ones life either way. No doubt many of those individuals would have dreamt of making it big in life without the need for the so called 8 to 5 or 9 to 5 monotonous daily routine of having to commute to and fro a place of work.

I am no different either. I too have at some point dreamt of owning that mansion, brand new car, and stable business that keeps the bank balance ticking, to the extent that I constantly found  myself being ripped off by scammers who could seemingly sell you a car with no wheels and convince you that it did have wheels even though you wouldn’t need to be a specsavers patient to confirm that. I lost thousands of pounds out of ignorance, desperation and a touch of stupidity.  I mean how else do you explain losing £749 one week and then losing another £125 from another scammer 72 hours later?

At one point it became a trend. I was losing hard earned cash faster than I was accumulating it, and the stress signs were etched firmly across my slim face.

In case you are not aware, if anything is too good to be true it probably is. Be careful out there. Watch what you sign up for especially in the realms of money. A times it would seem as if you cannot resist the temptation. I am here to inform that it can be done. You can overcome those temptations and believe me you will be glad you did even though you might not achieve the treasure chest at the end of the tunnel.


So without further ado let’s show you how to make that extra money.

  1. CHILDCARE. Caring for children especially under the age of 8 years is big business in the UK. If you have a passion and are really serious about this, the rewards can be humongous! First though as with any legit business you will have to do a bit of ground work first. One of the first things that need to be achieved before you can go ahead with caring for children of that age group for more than 2 hours a day is to register with OFSTED, which is the appropriate regulatory body. This is assuming you already have some sort of childcare qualification such as Level 3 Award Preparing to work in Home Based Childcare setting. You can even go for other diploma’s or relevant degree courses if you really want to gain higher educational qualifications towards this. It will generally take you approximately 12 weeks to become a registered childminder after which you can then be able to commence childminding. The average cost of looking after a child under 2 years in the UK is £218 per week. This of course varies. Now to illustrate to you just how profitable this business can be let us assume the childminder is looking after 6 children at a time per week, ie 6 x £218 x 5 = £1,308. Now times this figure by 4 weeks. That is £5,232. Okay multiply that by 12 months. £62,784. This is just for looking after 6 children in a year.