Posted 15/05/18

by K.Festus

Dear Friend,

The world we live in is one that is extremely unpredictable. One minute in the corner of the globe money is being lavished on posh cars, and stunning multi million pound houses, while in another corner of the globe some individuals cannot even get clean drinking water let alone a meal to get them through the day. Notwithstanding, its all to do with money.

Now before I proceed let me ask you this question. What would you do if by some miracle you are presented with millions of pounds in cash? Pause and think of it for a moment. Just what would you do?

I posed the question because I discovered that the gap between the rich and the poor seemingly continues to grow every second.  Now consider this scenario, a rich man with £10 million pounds sitting in a bank account and a poor man with just under £850 in his bank account. The rich man decides to take his yacht on a 3 week cruise to say.. the Bahamas and the poor man has to stay put where he is for the same amount of time. I believe it is fair to say that by the time rich man returns from his trip his bank account balance would have experienced a significant upward shift following the interest received from funds in his bank account. The same cannot be said of the poor man who would even find his bank balance decreasing. This is just one reason why the gap between the rich and the poor widens daily.

I was stuck in traffic on London Bridge around 6.45am sometime ago and I observed from the window of the bus I was travelling in, hundreds of individuals plying the route both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The vast amount of these were males and they were clad in smart suits and ties and virtually all of them seemed to be in a haste to get to their various destinations which I presumed was their place of work.
Qatar Airways

As I watched on I pondered in my heart, its all about making ends meet, its all about reeling in those precious colourful, expensive notes that can no doubt change ones life either way. No doubt many of those individuals would have dreamt of making it big in life without the need for the so called 8 to 5 or 9 to 5 monotonous daily routine of having to commute to and fro a place of work.

I am no different either. I too have at some point dreamt of owning that mansion, brand new car, and stable business that keeps the bank balance ticking, to the extent that I constantly found  myself being ripped off by scammers who could seemingly sell you a car with no wheels and convince you that it did have wheels even though you wouldn’t need to be a specsavers patient to confirm that. I lost thousands of pounds out of ignorance, desperation and a touch of stupidity.  I mean how else do you explain losing £749 one week and then losing another £125 from another scammer 72 hours later?

At one point it became a trend. I was losing hard earned cash faster than I was accumulating it, and the stress signs were etched firmly across my slim face.

In case you are not aware, if anything is too good to be true it probably is. Be careful out there. Watch what you sign up for especially in the realms of money. A times it would seem as if you cannot resist the temptation. I am here to inform that it can be done. You can overcome those temptations and believe me you will be glad you did even though you might not achieve the treasure chest at the end of the tunnel.


So without further ado let’s show you how to make that extra money.

  1. CHILDCARE. Caring for children especially under the age of 8 years is big business in the UK. If you have a passion and are really serious about this, the rewards can be humongous! First though as with any legit business you will have to do a bit of ground work first. One of the first things that need to be achieved before you can go ahead with caring for children of that age group for more than 2 hours a day is to register with OFSTED, which is the appropriate regulatory body. This is assuming you already have some sort of childcare qualification such as Level 3 Award Preparing to work in Home Based Childcare setting. You can even go for other diploma’s or relevant degree courses if you really want to gain higher educational qualifications towards this. It will generally take you approximately 12 weeks to become a registered childminder after which you can then be able to commence childminding. The average cost of looking after a child under 2 years in the UK is £218 per week. This of course varies. Now to illustrate to you just how profitable this business can be let us assume the childminder is looking after 6 children at a time per week, ie 6 x £218 x 5 = £1,308. Now times this figure by 4 weeks. That is £5,232. Okay multiply that by 12 months. £62,784. This is just for looking after 6 children in a year.



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