I am not here to bore you with big fanciful words or humongos promises of fast 6 figure incomes, am here to point you in the direction of extra money that can be achieved over the course of time in a setting that can only be described as simple and effective.

Now, pause for a moment and take a look at this site, what do you notice……Well, for starters, it is a relatively simple site and it does not come across as extravagant in style or in appearance, but have you noticed the various links and banners embedded in it? Can you spot the diversity of these banners and links? Well, do you know that every link and banner seen here and indeed on most sites across the globe today are posted there for a unique reason? It is true. In most cases these links and banners belong to third party businesses who in order to gain more customers and profits, enlist the services of many website owners to assist them in achieving this goal through referrals etc.


If you look at sites such as Qatar Airways for instance you will discover that if you press the link it will take you to the Qatar Airways website. Now, this Airline would have some sort of agreement in place, such as a percentage, to pay to the third party individual such as myself if the person or business that clicked the link went on to make a purchase.

The amount most of these Company’s pay out varies per Company. Some pay as little as    1% while others can payout as much as 60% or in some cases 70%.

Now, for example, look at this little scenario here:-

An individual such as Mr bloggs, applies to 500 firms and businesses to act as one of their affiliates by displaying banners and links belonging to them. 177 of these approve his application and invite him to include their links on his website. After setting up his website, Mr Bloggs adds a host of blogs such as the one you are reading now, to his site and spreads out the links and banners in such a way that they do not over-populate his site. Essentially, Mr Bloggs is now ready and primed to commence receiving commissions from his little promotional idea which now stands to fetch him some sort of additional income.

After about 3 months, Mr Bloggs affiliation with these various firms and individuals starts to pay dividends. In those 3 months alone most of those 177 have earned him £1,467, and after a year this figure had quadrupled.

His top earning fee was £300 derived from a car Company. So you see being in partnership with a third party firm or indivdual with a view to promoting their products and services can really pay off big time if you plan your strategies well and persevere.

A good way to start off is using a cheap but reputable website such as WordPress. A wordpress website has a number of options aside from the free version which you can utilise. WordPress is the world’s favourite and most reliable platform as it powers more than a quarter of the world’s site’s. You can get on the band waggon at http://www.wordpress.com to download a free version.

The next stage would be to get yourself a domain name that would announce your presence on the web. There are millions of domain name companies out their and you will just have to find out the best one that works for you. Some of the most popular ones are Godaddy.com, Bluehost.com, Hostgator.com and Namecheap.com.

After choosing and setting up your domain name you can then begin to start to search for a hosting package that would enable people to find your website on the internet. It is important to note that while most domain name company’s offer hosting as part of their services, you are not obliged to sign up for them. You can choose to host with another Company.

Finally, you will then be able to start to add blogs or products to your site to attract the necessary revenue required.

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